Wearing Retainers – Do You Understand Why?

Retainers Huyser Orthodontics Grand Rapids MIAfter orthodontic treatment is completed at Huyser Orthodontics, retainers are the finishing touch to maintain your beautiful new smile while the teeth stabilize and over a lifetime of good oral health.

An orthodontic retainer is a custom-fit device that is removable appliance.  It is your insurance policy your teeth stay put in their new positions if worn as instructed.

How Long Do I Need to Wear Retainers?

The bone structure and tissue around each individual tooth needs to stabilize after braces are removed. When wearing removable retainers, we require patients to wear retainers both day and night the first year, except during meal times, brushing and flossing or sporting activities where there is a chance that they may be lost or broken. Taking care of retainers is very important since they can easily be lost or broken when out of the mouth and not properly stored in their case.

After the bone and gum tissues stabilize, Dr. Huyser will instruct you when you can reduce your retainer wear to nights only. After night time wear for approximately a year, you can then reduce wear to a couple of nights off each week, indefinitely.

We do not recommend you ever stop wearing retainers. Teeth move throughout life as part of the natural aging process. Wearing your retainer a few nights a week, indefinitely, will keep that beautiful smile over a lifetime of good oral health.

Bottom Line

Retainers are an investment in your smile over a lifetime. If you fail to wear it as prescribed, especially when first removed, the tissue and bone surrounding teeth will be unsupported during the stabilization process allowing the teeth to move. Not following instructions may result in noticeable shifting of the teeth. You have come too far creating your beautiful smile — wear your retainers and keep it that way! Contact our office to schedule an appointment or if you have any questions.

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