Hold on to that smile! All the hard work has finally paid off, no more braces, rubber bands, headgear or monthly appointments. You’re finally free at last?

Hey, Hey, Hey…..Not quite so fast, your new responsibility is to wear your retainers.

Retainers are a removable appliance made of acrylic (plastic) and wires. The acrylic is behind the teeth and the wire is in front. The retainers “pinch” your teeth between the plastic and wires, to hold them where they are when the braces are removed. Failure to wear your retainers as instructed by Dr. Huyser will result in the movement of your teeth, which ones and how much, we do not know!

There are 3 basic rules that will you can follow to keep you smile beautiful and to add to the longevity of your retainers….

1. Wear Them! That means in your mouth, seated properly in place (not floating around in your mouth). Wear them as instructed by Dr. Huyser.

2. Keep Them Clean! When you brush your teeth, your retainers will bebrush retainer out so you will also hold your retainers in your hand and scrub them too (inside, out and wires). They will collect plaque, just like your teeth do, if not kept clean it will harden into calculus. If that happens it is nearly impossible to get off after that, so keep them sparkling from the beginning!

3. Take Good Care Of Them! Don’t lose or break them. They should only ever be in your mouth, the case, or in your hands getting brushed, NO WHERE ELSE! Retainers are easier to lose or break than you may think. dumpster divingPockets, Purses they fall out or get broken! Putting them somewhere other than the case while eating ie: wrapping them in a napkin, setting them on your lunch tray, they will most likely end up getting tossed in the garbage. You will be force the dumpster dive for them or buy a new set! Also dogs love these things, so keep them away from your dog, my dog, or any dog, you do not want them to become a new chew retainer

We will check and adjust your retainers periodically to make sure they and you are doing your job. Make sure you bring your retainers with you to your appointments (you should be wearing them so that shouldn’t be a problem).

If you have any problems with your retainers, don’t stop wearing them or if you lose or break them please do not wait, call us ASAP.

Grand Rapids office (616) 957-0909

Holland office (616) 355-7930

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