Adolescent Orthodontics

We get it! Being a teen is tough… grades, sports, dating – the last thing you want to hear is “You need braces.”

Don’t worry! Dr. Huyser and his staff will do their best to ensure that your orthodontic treatment is effective, accelerated, and – believe or not – fun!

A Common Time for Treatment

Between the ages of 11 and 15 is the most common time for orthodontic treatment, and for good reasons. By 12, most if not all of the permanent teeth have erupted and are in place, and crooked teeth, gaps, and bad bites can easily be detected. These problems will hardly ever correct themselves, so this is when most parents decide to seek orthodontic treatment.

Additionally, children at this age have high metabolisms, which can help shorten overall treatment time and reduce the discomfort of orthodontic treatment.

Braces on Young Faces

As orthodontic treatment is most commonly associated with adolescence, teen patients are less apprehensive about the appearance of wearing braces than adults. Our braces come in a variety of colors our teen patients show off with style!

We offer a full-color selection at no additional cost.  Colors range from the traditional spectrum to pastel, jelly and even glow-in-the-dark.  You can choose colors to show your school spirit, support your favorite sports team, celebrate an upcoming holiday, or just pick any artistic creation of your choice to show off your beautiful smile.  Your colors can be changed at every adjustment visit (6-8 weeks), so you’re not stuck wearing the same color for the entire treatment.

Your straight smile will soon be at the center of all your selfies! Contact our office for an initial FREE examination, and we’ll determine the best time for the treatment and outline: the treatment plan, the treatment duration expected, and the approximate cost for the treatment.